Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Tiny Bit Early, but........

Happy  New  Year!!!!

Wishing everyone a great New Year's Eve and New Year's!  We'll be geeking on the computer tonight, so pop on the IM (lindenbush513 for AIM) or on WoW!

~Lindsay and Mike

Thursday, December 25, 2008

December in Wisconsin....

Going out to battle the snow last Sunday morning:

Yep - that snow.

In December, we have had nearly 31 inches of snow, breaking a previous record.  All in December, my friends.  Winter just started Sunday.  Two words:  ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

On another note, Merry Christmas!  We had a relaxing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Last night we carried on a dinner tradition by getting italian beef from a restaurant in town - authentic Italian Beef.  It was sooooooo good!!  Then this morning, Cory and Penny came over for Christmas breakfast.  Penny works across the street at the hospital in ICU and she had to work 11p - 7a.  So we invited them over.  I made my Bisquick Quiche - another tradition food - and pancakes and cinnamon rolls, and everything was excellent.  P left after a little while, since she was tired from work, and Cory stayed for a bit longer, playing a computer football game with Mike.  Then we've just relaxed and napped today.  

Playing on the computers tonight, who knows what tomorrow (and yes, there's more snow and maybe some freezing drizzle tonight and tomorrow morning...."sigh") and then getting together with Joe and Helen on Saturday.  

Merry Christmas!