Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Ok, so I've been negligent on updating my blog.....  ::hanging my head in shame::  We've been busy!  

Ok, let's see...what's been going on.....we survived through winter, though there are some days it feels like it hasn't ended.  The average high temp for this time of year is low 70s, and we keep dipping down to the low 50s and in the 60s for highs.  It's crazy.  We get the warm days now and then, but they only come in short bursts.  Sometimes we wonder if we're ever going to see the warmer temps and be able to enjoy being outside on the deck.

And speaking of deck, we now have a gas grill and some patio furniture!  We got it at the beginning of May, and we love it.  Cooking on a gas grill is so much easier than a charcoal.  Yeah, you miss out on the flavor, but I grew up on a gas grill, so I don't really miss the other one that much.  It makes it so easy to cook!  We also have the sunroom cleaned up again and able to be used.  It became storage over the winter, since we have no basement or attic.  We need to get a new shed outside to be able to store stuff out there.  The two we have are in pretty sad shape.  One has doors that don't work quite right (warped and slightly rusted) and the other one had a leaky roof which finally caved in a bit and the door has completely pulled away from the shed.  Lovely.

I finished my online class for the semester.  I took Intro to Cultural Geography online through the UW system.  I only need 2 classes to finish a general associates degree in order to pursue my bachelors.  The degree I have from Brown in Minnesota won't transfer over because it's not accredited.  >=(  So I have to start from scratch, in a sense.  I just have one class to take this fall, and then I have the AA!  Then it's on to figuring out what to major in for a bachelors and figuring out where to go.  (And I'm not doing law school, contrary to what a friend of mine thinks!!)

Ok, I think that's about it for now.  I have pics that I'll get up on here soon....promise, Cole!